My friend Kelly is getting married in August. She asked me to sew her wedding dress! I couldn’t be happier!

Here are the patterns I will be using. Kelly wants the top of the black dress and the skirt of the yellow dress on the right pattern. I plan on combining the two.

For a perfect fit I made alterations to the patterns.

Lets start with this pattern.

The pattern has a 37″ waist. I have to add 4″ to make it a 41″ waist. I have 3 pieces for the midriff, so I need to add 1.33″ to each piece. For the bodice I need to add 1″ to each side. Here is my math.

Here are all of my pieces with the waist adjustment.

Next I will be making alterations to the skirt of the second pattern to give Kelly a little more hip space.

If you would like an awesome tutorial on how to increase the waist of your pattern. Watch the Youtube video below.

How to increase the waist of your pattern